LA Startup Not Waiting for Superman

There’s a very informative interview today over at with head honcho Ryan Scott. The Culver City firm, nurtured in 2008 by Arianna Huffington (who remains on the Advisory Board), is mainly about helping non-profits master the web and create online pathways at pinnacle media-attention moments.

FishbowlLA had no idea that CauseCast’s co-branded blogger ranks had passed the 1,000-person threshold. Thanks to contributors like George Lucas and Bill Gates, the site gets over a million uniques per month. Scott shares a great example of how the company was able to help extend the underlying mission statement of Davis Guggenheim’s most recent documentary:

We launched an education section–partially in response to the Changing The Equation effort by the White House, but also because of the Waiting for Superman movie, which catalyzed a lot of the current talk about reforming education. We launched that section with Paramount, with the movie ad as the lead sponsor. It’s doing very well.

CauseCast got out of the “consumer facing content” biz last year, handing over those reins to AOL/Huffington Post. More recently, Scott and co. have created a “Cause Integration” database that tracks the socially responsible efforts and partnerships of individual companies. He says they have already been able to leverage the info with a third-party publisher, Corporate Responsibility Magazine, which is using the info to anchor a listing of the “top 100 corporate citizens.”