Cat’s Sage Advice to Kitten Viral Gold for BuzzFeed

Publisher also scores big with 'If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say'

The Sad Cat (or at least someone who sounds like him) is back, and this time he's dispensing advice to his kitten minions.

BuzzFeed's Dear Kitten, a branded video for Friskies wet cat food, has resonated extremely well with the feline-obsessed online audience, collecting 12.1 million views (and 73,600 paws up) since it was posted on June 5. It also proves the New York-based company's NewFront message: When in doubt, always go with our cat overlords.

The millennial-oriented publisher also scored a hit with If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say, which was posted on the staff curated channel BuzzFeed Yellow. Garnering upwards of 4 million views since last week, the clip pokes fun at the ridiculous stereotypical quandaries people tend to ask Asians.

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