EXCLUSIVE: Cathy Ladman Prepares for Naked Palm Springs Audience

On Monday, stand-up comic Cathy Ladman (pictured) ventured from LA to the Terra Cotta Clothing Optional Resort & Spa in Palm Springs to scout out the small room where she will be performing in front of a nude audience on Saturday October 22. The one-of-a-kind engagement is the starting point of a new documentary project tentatively titled The Naked Truth.

“The movie is about me continuing to deal with anorexia, which I’ve struggled with basically since I was 19,” Ladman tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “Even though I have a lot of physical and psychological recovery, an eating disorder is something you live with your whole life.”

Asked if she plans to also get naked for the cameras in Palm Springs, Ladman jokes that this would make it virtually impossible to clip on a Lavalier microphone. Joining her at the Terra Cotta will be a four-person crew as well as her creative partners on the film project–manager Glenn Schwartz and director Jonathan Nowak.

The resort owner told Ladman that guests at Terra Cotta tend during the summer months to be in their twenties. However, based on her recent visit, she expects her performance and Q&A next weekend will involve trying not to stare too obviously at folks in their 40s and 50s.

“I wanted to include in this project people who are comfortable enough being naked at a place like Terra Cotta,” Ladman says. “Still, it was wild being there.” The documentary will also touch on her evolving one-woman show about anorexia, “Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?” One of Nowak’s recent projects meanwhile was, appropriately enough, the short film Man & Machine: A Naked Robotic Love Story.