Catherine Kieu Becker and the History of Criminal Castration

Yesterday, we told you about Catherine Kieu Becker, the Orange County woman who drugged her husband, cut his penis off and threw it in the garbage disposal. As of yesterday we didn’t know whether she actually turned the disposal on or not. Well, now we have the unfortunate answer, courtesy of the LA Times.

The victim told authorities that when he woke up, his wife pulled down his pants, “grabbing the victim’s penis and severing it with a knife.” She then took the penis to the kitchen and threw it in the garbage disposal, “turning it on and mutilating the organ.”

The severed organ could not be reattached. But, according to police, the victim is in “surprisingly good spirits.”

Yesterday, we jokingly suggested that now the West Coast could finally claim its own psychotic penis cutting housewife–our own Lorena Bobbit. But, according to this surprisingly insightful and thorough truTV history of criminal castration in the United States, we already had one. A woman named Kim Tran cut her boyfriend’s penis off in Alaska back in 2005 and flushed it down the toilet. The story gets crazier from there, as authorities somehow managed to recover the member and reattach it. Good thing Tran didn’t have a disposal handy.

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