Cat Power Returns Looking Interviewable

After months of rumors, rescheduling and at least one magazine oddly claiming exclusivity over an interview with her, Chan “Cat Power” Marshall returned to New York this week for the first time since her hiatus for undisclosed reasons. And, as evidenced by her appearance on the Late Show With Letterman last night, she’s looking tanned, toned, relatively lucid and interviewable. And she’s apparently developed a mesmerizing, Riverdance-worthy stage presence.

But, as the Village Voice notes in a review of her recent show at Town Hall, her dance moves haven’t completely quelled her stage fright.

She left the stage at one point before coming back and saying, “I just went to see if I had any text messages. I mean, he said he was going to be here.”

Cat Power: Not Crazy Anymore! [Village Voice]

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