‘Cat Ears’ Makes Her Debut

The winner of Susannah Breslin’s pitch contest (the cat-eared otaku) has published her post on Breslin’s Forbes.com blog.

We’re a little disappointed that the topic of the post was about journalism, not about any of the cool subcultures that Lauren Rae Orsini infiltrates. I mean, they say you should write what you know, but, argh.

At any rate.
The post is up. It’s titled How To Be A Journalist In 2011.

The answer: three-fold.
1: Pretend not to be a journalist. “It’s not that I wanted to spend my weekend in a French maid costume waiting tables. I wanted a chance to interview the girls that do.”
2: Make your own rules. “I prefer to report on my subjects while I’m dressed like them so I can feel what it’s like. I’ve learned to mimic my subjects and ignore the stares, and I’m following in the footsteps of undercover journalists before me. Not only do I understand where my subjects are coming from, they’re more open. It’s not a gimmick; it’s the most effective technique for me as a storyteller.”
3: Don’t look for a job. “In 2011, there are so many ways a young woman can use her journalism degree. She simply needs to look outside of the box of “traditional” journalism jobs and not wait for the New York Times to hire her when she can become a fully realized journalist on her own.”