Casting Couch for Journalists

Is there any truth to this? We’re hearing some grumbling about some boot-knocking at the Tribune Co.’s plush new bureau (putting the “ass” in “class”):

Did the Tribune Co. management refuse to let the Los Angeles Times have a couch in their section of the D.C. superbureau out of (and judging from the looks of most DC reporters we shudder at the thought…) fear of them using it for sex?

Well, that’s the theory of one tipster. More than likely, however, any couch denials were probably due to feng shui/space requirements handed down when the bureau got all spiff-i-fied.

But we’ll gladly field any pictures of couches in the LA Times section and, additionally, any pictures of DC-based LATimes staffers that are exceptions to the “Reporters are Ugly” stereotype.

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>UPDATE: No, saying that LATimes editor Leslie Hoffecker “sounds cute” doesn’t count. This FishbowlDC wants to swim in the shallow end for this one.

>UPDATE: Another tipster wonders whether the rumor came from the days of LAT Pentagon reporters John Hendren and Mark Mazzetti (so hot), who have both since left the paper. Were there fears that Hendren and Mazzetti were gonna get it on with someone, couch-style?