Cast-Gate: Rogin Collects More Signatures, Still No Senator Bunning

What a week it’s been for CQ‘s Josh Rogin! Since we first shed some light on his bi-partisan cast-signing mission last week, the handicapped reporter has collected signatures from Senators John McCain, Dick Durbin, Arlen Specter and John Ensign. Sen. Durbin even wrote “Sue them!” referring to the taxi cab company whose driver hit Rogin, breaking his arm.

Sen. McCain joked with Rogin, “I wonder if this is within the techniques allowed for interrogations.”

Captiol News Connection’s Elizabeth Wynne Johnson took note of this exchange between Rogin and Sen. Franken.

Franken: What did you do?

Rogin: I was hit by a DC taxicab.

Franken: Really?

Rogin: And then the police gave me a ticket for reckless walking.

Franken: Really??

Rogin: True story.

Franken: Congratulations. [laughter]

Rogin is up to 45 signatures- still no Senator Jim Bunning- though he does say he respects the Senator’s decision not to participate. The Louisville Courier-Journal, on the other hand, isn’t as understanding, calling Senator Bunning’s refusal “tacky.”

We’ll, of course, keep you posted on Rogin’s bi-partisan cast-signing mission’s progress.