Casio EX-10HG Digital Camera with GPS Able to Estimate Indoor Location Too

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Everyone once in a while I come across a concept that gets my full attention and a comment like “now, that is really clever.” Casio’s digital camera prototype shown at CES earlier this month is one of those concepts. Casio shows EX-10HG ‘hybrid GPS’ camera prototype

The camera’s GPS “remembers” its last outdoor position obtained from satellite data, calculates how far it has traveled, the relative direction traveled, and determines the most likely GPS coordinate when you take a photo indoors and out of the line of site of GPS satellites. Is that clever or what?

DC Watch: [CES] Casio Digital Camera Prototype with built-in GPS can be used indoors

If some kind of GPS error is noted when taking a photo indoors, the camera will wait until you go outdoors, acquire GPS signals and then correct the previous estimated indoor position.

The camera (prototype shown with expected Spring release in Japan) does more than record geo-coordinates in photos taken. It can also display tourist locations and the distance to these attractions from your current location.

I sure hope other camera manufacturers adopt these kind of GPS features too (are you listening Canon?).