Cashsquare’s Real Estate Tycoon Game is New and Improved on iOS

cashsquare 650Cashsquare’s real estate management simulation game has found new life on iOS devices, as new users are joining the app to purchase real-world businesses and build their empires. While the app was first released a year ago, it’s been redeveloped and offers a “completely new user experience” for players. In Cashsquare, users purchase real-world businesses, earning income over time, with Foursquare / Swarm integration also playing a role in earning rental income within the game.

Cashsquare users start by placing their HQ on the map, as the home base for their real estate business. The app encourages users to place this HQ on the device’s current real-world location, but users can navigate as they see fit to place the HQ somewhere else. From there, they’re asked to purchase a nearby (and unowned) business or residence, using venue data registered with Foursquare.

CashsquareThese businesses generate revenue over time, but have to be manned with virtual staff and stocked with goods to sell. Players must purchase homes to provide a larger workforce for their businesses. Since many Foursquare users have generated their own homes as check-in locations within that app, they show up here in Cashsquare as ready-to-purchase locations.

As for businesses, users can spend premium currency to advertise their current stock, causing the business to generate income faster. Otherwise, the business will simply sell out of goods over time, and users must come back to the app to collect their profits.

A boost to income is triggered if a real-world user checks into these locations via Foursquare (now Swarm). Cashsquare monitors the number of checkins each location has acquired, and deposits income into the business accordingly. The popularity of an establishment also tends to increase the initial purchase price of the property.

While players start the game with $150,000 in virtual currency, proper investment will see them increasing their earnings over time, in order to purchase more expensive locations and continue the cycle.

Since the game’s relaunch in August, in-app activity has grown by 45 percent, and the app has exhibited a 30 percent retention rate after one week of play. The game has received over 40,000 downloads, and is “growing daily,” according to the developer. Cashsquare is backed by $1.17 million in investor funding.

Future Cashsquare updates will introduce a PvP feature to the game, along with geo-location chat for socializing with other players. Animation and user interface improvements are also in the works.

Cashsquare is available to download for free on iTunes. The game is similar to another existing real estate tycoon game on iOS, Tiny Tycoons, from The Tap Lab.