CashBet launches real-money gambling platform in UK


After securing $1.7 million in funding in February 2014, real-money gambling company CashBet has announced the launch of its platform in the UK, alongside plans to bring real-money gaming to the US. The CashBet platform allows developers to add real-money gambling to their titles, while CashBet focuses on anti-fraud operations, player security and more.

The first game on the CashBet platform is Gamzio’s Casino Island Adventure. Two other developers, Reflex Gaming Limited and Furywing, have also signed agreements with CashBet to integrate real-money play in their apps. All three companies have submitted their apps to the Apple UK App Store for approval.

Looking forward, CashBet hopes to bring real-money gaming to the US, and is “actively seeking a New Jersey land-based casino partner to launch its offering this year.” They company is currently in talks with multiple casinos in Atlantic City for online expansion.

“Every publisher and developer we speak with is interested in entering the online gaming market, but is concerned about the barriers to entry, such as compliance and security. We’re continuing to build the most trusted platform for mobile gambling, and we have a highly experienced team that deeply understands what ‘Real Money Play’ is all about,” said Dr. Mike Reaves, CEO and co-founder of CashBet.

“Given our experience and platform offering, we make it easy for developers to focus on making great games while accessing one of the largest growing markets worldwide.”

The CashBet platform is available for HTML5, iOS and Android games. More information on the company’s SDK is available on CashBet’s website.