Trending: Facebook Cash Mobs Boost Small, Local Businesses

Have you seen a Facebook post for a cash mob? We haven't, but by the sounds of it, we sure would like to.

Have you seen a Facebook post for a cash mob? We haven’t, but by the sounds of it, we sure would like to.

Cash mobs, often planned and announced on Facebook, are trending in the social media sphere, according to New York Women in Communications. They are a way to get people living in the same neighborhood or town to meet up (yes, in person, how crazy!) in a group effort to support local businesses and further foster a sense of community, of the in-the-flesh variety.

The idea is pretty nifty, we say. In a cash mob, a group of people agree to gather at a chosen locally owned and run store of choice at a certain time and date and each spend at least $20 at that business. For added excitement, the location is not revealed until the day of the cash mob event.

Part of the understanding is that you are all there to meet people, and after shopping has concluded, it’s common for the local business supporters who showed up to continue the (in-person) socializing at a nearby spot.

Cash mobs first took off this past fall, and the trend is now branching out as an international movement to support small business, according to NYWIC. The groups of paying customers surprise local business owners with a cash infusion and a show of local support from neighbors and community members.

Jeanne Bylington, president and founder of J.M. Bylington & Associates and board member of NYWIC, not to mention a small business owner herself, suggested these three tips if you’re gunning to try a cash mob:

  1. Target stores for which you have a natural interest in what they sell.
  2. Experiment with this if you are new to a neighborhood or town (we’d add, why not start a Facebook group for your cash mob adventures, where everyone submits ideas for favorite stores to support as a group).
  3. Schedule cash mobs after work, giving worker bees enough time to get there.

We love this idea so much, we are thinking of trying it. All I’m saying is that Pickles & Olives on First Avenue is so adorable and fun, we’d just love to send a cash infusion their way. Small business is what keeps New York City’s authentic and awesome entrepreneurial spirit alive (Yorkville loves you, P&O!). And while we’re there, we’ll urge them to create a Facebook page.

Readers: Have you heard of or attended a cash mob announced on Facebook? Could you see yourself doing this?

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