Cash in on Social Network Profiles With SocialVibe

socialvibeMany people believe that as the perceived value of a social networking page has increased, so has the quality of those enterprises. If that’s your school of thought, you will despise SocialVibe. But there are some redeeming qualities.The community connects causal Internet users with sponsors, allowing people to make a little passive income on the side. In return for branding your Web page with specific designs, logos, widgets, videos and other content, sponsors will pay ‘points’ every time your page is accessed.

Current big-name sponsors include the NBA, Coca-Cola, Power Bar, Victoria’s Secret, and Apple.

Points can be exchanged for products (hats, t-shirts, etc.), tickets, iTunes downloads and even cash for select charities.

Socialvibe ranks you by ‘star power.’ The higher your score, the higher your clout, the better chance of impressing your peers and getting sponsored.

You can earn points several ways: Inviting your friends to join SocialVibe, uploading photos to your SocialVibe Profile, adding links to your other social networks on your SocialVibe profile in your My Profiles section, showing off your sponsorships on more of your social networks, and by being active in your social networks. The more visitors you have to your profile page, the more points you can earn.

How do you find out if your social network will allow Socialvibe? If you can copy and paste Flash-based code into your profile, you’re golden.

The number of sponsors you are allowed to have at one time is determined by your Socialvibe level (gold, platinum).