Young Turks Producer Doppelganged by Casey Anthony

TaraWallisIt didn’t take long for The Young Turks supervising producer Tara Wallis to feel the heat from Casey Anthony’s first V-log entry posted earlier this week. As she explained Thursday on her Tumblr page, the unwelcome comparisons came from both colleagues and her offspring:

I started receiving texts this morning from friends: “Have you seen the video? OMFG, she looks just like you!” Well tonight, I viewed the video at home on my laptop. I wasn’t seeing it until my almost four-year-old came up and pointed, “Mommy, that’s you!”

MeHubs then handed me his glasses and I popped up PhotoBooth.

That’s Wallis above, not Anthony. We have to agree with NBCLA reporter Kim Baldonado, who framed a re-tweet of Wallis’ Tumblr post with “creepy.” With a capital, Casey “C.”