In Case You Missed It on…

A recap of our five most popular stories this week:

For 50 years, television was a man’s business. So when Adweek ran a story showing that the most powerful people in television are women, it quickly spread on social networks (120 tweets and 90 Facebook “likes”) and across the Web (shared nearly 100 times). The 10 Most Powerful Women in Television garnered more than 20,300 page views, making it our top story.

Most Likely to Succeed, Adweek’s picks for the most promising new shows on networks this fall, was not far behind, with 13,500 page views and 130 shares.

Charlie Sheen remains a hot topic for our readers. How do we know? Last Friday’s Programming Insider: Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen by Marc Berman was shared across the Web 130 times and received much attention on Twitter. Judging from the comments, readers also felt strongly about CBS choosing Kutcher as a replacement, as one commenter put it: “Bring back Charlie!”

But when it comes to the most comments, 'Psychology Today' Asks Why Black Women Aren't Pretty is crowned this week’s winner. Gabriel Beltrone’s piece examining a controversial blog post by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa ignited 760 mentions on the Internet, nearly 730 “likes” on Facebook, and more than 80 comments—some intelligent, some outrageous, and others just plain angry.

Wrapping up the list is many women’s dream: Christian Louboutin's gorgeous heels. Sell Your Sole, a graphic feature that explored why the designer’s famous red lacquer sole is even more valuable than you think, received on average 250 “likes,” tweets, and shares.

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