Case study: Quality Score & Beyond Diet used Partner Categories for 224% higher ROI


Beyond Diet, a certified nutritionist’s diet solution, has a healthy Facebook following, but the page really took off financially when it teamed up with online advertising agency Quality Score for a Facebook ad campaign using Partner Categories.

Through Partner Categories on the platform of Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Adquant, Beyond Diet experienced a 224 percent higher return on investment, compared to standard targeting options. Beyond Diet also scored a 36 percent lower CPA than standard targeting options, a 134 percent higher conversion rate and a 176 percent higher clickthrough rate than standard targeting options.

How did it happen?

Quality Score and Beyond Diet utilized the data within Facebook to properly target based on interests and demographic, but unfortunately the options didn’t include retail or consumer data, making it more difficult to target ads based on consumer behavior.

Quality Score utilized the Adquant platform with Partner Categories to create audiences on Facebook based on shopping history and habits that fit the Beyond Diet profile.

Specifically, they were targeting:

  • Consumers who purchased diet foods, low fat foods, and organic foods
  • Consumers who on a controlled diet for health reasons
  • Consumers who have purchased a diet book
  • Consumers who have joined a diet club or organization

The ad was quite successful, giving Beyond Diet a 224 percent higher ROI than ads using traditional targeting techniques.

The case study summed up the major takeaways:

Facebook makes it very easy for advertisers to target potential customers by their demographic profile and their likes and interests. Now with Partner Categories, retailers can reach out to potential customers based on their consumer behavior. Big data that used to only be available to the largest of enterprise companies is now available to retailers of all sizes who can and should expect premium results by leveraging big data.

Readers: How often do you utilize Partner Categories in Facebook advertising?

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