CAS: Photos of Particular Interest (to us anyway)

The number one reason people go to car shows, of course, is to look at cars. While there weren’t a ton of concept cars out, or ones that were particularly exciting, other than some that we’ll be dedicating full posts to discuss, by clicking the “Continue…” below, you’ll find a collection of a handful of miscellaneous photos we took that we dug, like the 100% electric Zap Car:


Here’s the new Jeep Wrangler. We’ve never been big big fans of Jeeps, past, say, 1970, but this new design is really great. Looks like it belongs out hunting ancient relics in the Sahara:


A Ford concept minivan…


…complete with rotating pod seats and an oddly placed LCD monitor:


A concept Lexus:


An old Mitsubishi, which holds no special significance to us really — we just like the way it looks:


And finally, the car you should all be saving up to buy us: