Cartoon News Is The Future, a news service covering science, tech, and business, takes a look at the man behind the phenomenon that is Apple Daily.

Jimmy Lai
, 63, runs Next Media. Next Media produces Apple Daily, “a must read in Hong Kong, a muck-racking tabloid with a peculiar mix of celebrity gossip, crime news and hard-driving political coverage punctuated by an anti-Beijing stance that has earned it a ban in mainland China.

“But many loyal readers are particularly drawn to the graphic cartoons alongside the text stories, depicting a host of gruesome events such as triad hits, sexual assaults and horrific accidents.”

The company’s work went viral in the non-Chinese speaking world when Apple Daily’s video hypothesizing what happened before Tiger Woods crashed his car hit Youtube.

The Next Media studios now produce about 60 computer-animated dramatizations a day and draw five million hits a day.

Lai has figured out how to streamline the process so that creating one clip takes a few hours instead of weeks.

He dismissed criticism that the cartoon news clips exaggerate or even take liberties with the facts. “I really don’t care what people say to be honest… Just because nobody has ever tried something doesn’t mean it’s crazy.”

Here’s the latest clip, about Gawker and Christopher Lee: