Cartoon Network Launches MagiMobile Companion App for Mighty Magiswords

In the MagiMobile app, the user's device is designed to look like the devices owned by Prohyas, Vambre and other characters in the Mighty Magiswords TV series.

Cartoon Network announced the release of MagiMobile, a new mobile application based on the universe of television series Mighty Magiswords.

Mighty Magiswords follows Prohyas and Vambre, two warriors for hire who complete quests using their collection of Magiswords that each have special abilities. In the MagiMobile app, the user’s device is designed to look like the devices owned by Prohyas, Vambre and other characters in the show.

MagiMobile Screenshots

Users can complete quests within the app in order to collect Magiswords for their collections. For instance, one quest may ask users to learn more about the show’s characters by viewing character profiles in the app’s Contacts list. Users can also play a Big Broccoli Smash mini-game, which asks them to quickly swipe on the screen to cut a large stalk of broccoli.

Elsewhere, when users are watching Mighty Magiswords episodes, they can open the app and tap the “Collect” button to make the app “listen” to the episode. When the app recognizes the episode that’s playing, it will give users the Magisword featured in the episode.

Users can browse their collected Magiswords and learn more about each sword within the app. In addition, as users collect duplicate Magiswords, the original Magiswords will level up.

Finally, the MagiMobile app contains five-minute “choose-your-own-adventure” style “minisodes,” which allow users to select a character’s Magisword and impact the story.

The MagiMobile app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.