Cartoon Network Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign That Reaches Adults and Children

The Cartoon Network has launched an anti-bullying campaign, “I Speak Up,” that coincides with the network’s Speak Up Week, taking place between September 29 and October 3. For the “I Speak Up” portion of the campaign, the Cartoon Network has gotten participation from Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. They’re also asking for help from all of us.

The network wants the public to submit videos with the hashtag #ISpeakUp that encourages others to pay attention and participate as well. Submissions to the campaign’s website that are selected by the network will become a part of clips that appear on TV and online.

In addition to AG Holder and Secretary Duncan, notable names including Robin Meade from HLN Morning ExpressAmerica’s Got Talent‘s Howie Mandel, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper are also participating.

This lineup of supporters is impressive. But just as important is the outreach that the network is doing to parents and educators.

According to Alice Cahn, VP of social responsibility at Cartoon Network, the campaign targets children between the ages of six and 14 along with parents, teachers and other community leaders. Part of reaching children is reaching the adults they trust.

“Don’t forget that parents and caregivers play a major role in kids’ lives. Kids welcome trusted adults’ review and input on what they’re seeing, so look for opportunities to engage adults with your program,” Cahn told PRNewser via email.

We asked Cahn for a few tips on reaching younger age groups, and in addition to the advice above, Cahn suggests:

Invest time and energy to gather reliable research so that you truly know and understand what kids want and need. Don’t make assumptions without hearing from kids directly.

Speak to kids via media platforms they already engage with today—popular social media trends change rapidly, and kids have preferences different from adults.

In the press release for the campaign, the network encourages those under 18 to ask their parents before participating. When targeting kids with a message, it’s important that brands be mindful of the need for adult supervision. Not only is it appropriate, but it builds the credibility of the campaign.

The Cartoon Network’s anti-bullying campaign, “Stop Bullying: Speak Up,” is an award winner that segues into National Bullying Prevention Month.