Cartier Goes After QVC for Design Knock-Offs

Earlier this week, we reported on Target being accused of stealing the designs for ladies’ unmentionables, but apparently there were two design thefts to be had in these final throes of February. According to (which we read to appraise the various things we steal ourselves in our other freelance jobs as professional cat burglars), Cartier has sued the home shopping network, QVC, for swiping the designs of several of their watches and selling them on air, as well at the manufacturers responsible for creating the less-expensive knock-offs. Here’s a bit:

Lawyers for the luxury brand told the court that QVC and 20 unnamed individuals at TWI and JMAM, “commenced the manufacture, distribution, advertising and/or sale of watches” that bear copies of the designs and trade dress of Cartier’s Santos de Cartier and Pasha de Cartier Grille watches. Cartier contends that the designs infringed upon their patents and trade dress, causing the jeweler to sustain monetary damage, loss and injury, of amounts to be determined during trial. Cartier asked the court to permanently restrain the defendants from using these designs and asked for the destruction of all related products and marketing material.

Though, as you’d imagine, this is certainly not the most unique occurrence in Cartier’s world, with regular lawsuits going after copycats (remarkably, even with the same set of watches). However, QVC is a much, much larger, far more established company than most of the usual riff raff they’re forced to go after.