Carsten Höller and Fondazione Prada Double Your Pleasure in London

What happens when Western and African cultures meet in a Victorian warehouse in central London? The Double Club, Carsten Höller‘s latest art project. Backed by Fondazione Prada and directed by Jan Kennedy, the temporary space offers a unique approach to entertainment and hospitality with a restaurant, bar, and disco that are equal parts Western cool and Congolese hot—but never a lukewarm fusion. In practice, that makes for deliciously bifurcated meals: diners at the Double Club restaurant can choose from parallel menus (family-style Congolese dishes or bistro classics) in a room that is a cultural checkerboard, with dark African hardwood and humble plastic tables alternating with French brasserie tiling and supersleek Breeding Tables by Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, who led the design of the project’s “Western side.” Hungry for a wild boar terrine served on a Congolese tablecloth, a goat brochette fresh from the oil drum barbeque, or just a night of Ndombolo dance hits? Stop in soon, as the cultural coexistence ends July 11.

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