Carson Magazine Implodes After Just Two Issues

The launch of Carson magazine in April of this year generated plenty of buzz in design circles. And plenty of confusion when the second issue arrived with the name of the magazine crossed out.

The Venice, CA-based publication was named after their creative director, David Carson, who launched something of a design revolution in the 90’s during his time at Raygun magazine. His involvement was the source of the mag’s buzz.

But Carson has quit Carson after clashing with editor-in-chief Alex Storch, and the mag has been rechristened Untitled. In a move more befitting a schoolgirl than a publishing professional, Storch has taken the fight to Carson’s Facebook page, posting excerpts of emails, texts, even the contract Carson is said to have signed.

Also on Carson’s FB page are comments from readers complaining that they are unable to get refunds for a subscription to a magazine they don’t want, now that Carson is no longer involved. And in a comment on the design website magCulture, Carson claims that he wasn’t paid the promised fee for his work, and that he’s heard similar complaints from writers for the magazine.

It’s worth mentioning that Carson has a reputation for being difficult to work with, and Storch may have had valid complaints about his performance. But the public squabbling, customer service complaints, and rumors of unpaid contributors doesn’t bode well for the future of Untitled magazine.

At the time of posting, our request to Untitled magazine for comment has gone unanswered.

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