Despite Bio Scrub, Carrie Keagan Insists She Still Loves Buffalo

Even though remains the go-to source for looking up performer dates of birth, native cities, and so on, it’s not always accurate. The latest reminder of this is the page for Carrie Keagan (pictured), the cheeky celebrity interviewer who made a name for herself on

The L.A.-based Keagan is currently lending her charismatic hosting talents to the new VH1 series, Big Morning Buzz Live, which broadcasts out of Times Square. That got Buffalo News reporter Jane Kwiatkowski wondering why the niece of local singer-songwriter Wille Nile is listed on IMDb as being born in Los Angeles rather than, correctly, Buffalo:

Keagan changed her name nine years ago when she moved to Los Angeles and declined to reveal her birth name or talk much about her birthplace. She said she is the youngest of three children.

“This is why I changed my name to begin with,” she explained. “I wanted to keep everything very separate. This is very hard for me, because I love Buffalo, and I love everything about Buffalo. It’s the greatest place in the world to have come from.”

Then why not get it properly listed on IMDb? This also begs the question—was aka-Keagan really born July 4th, 1980, or is that another independently minded factoid?