When a Correction Is Barely a Correction

Slow down the presses!

Our first exhibit is attached to a Dec. 23 AP story by Sandy Cohen. The tease (pictured) sits at press time at the top of various Associated Press pages and is essentially impossible to ignore.

What might the mistake be, we wondered. An erroneous attribution of the late actress as the voice of Darth Vader? A mention of Burt Reynolds as her father? Not quite:

In a story Dec. 23 about Carrie Fisher’s medical emergency, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the movie “Postcards From the Edge” was released in 1987. It was released in 1990.

Indeed, it was the source novel that was released that earlier year. And we are joking about this because we think Fisher would have, too.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of a New York Times autopsy of the Mariah Carey Rockin’ New Year’s Eve debacle, there is this note about the performer’s final words from the Times Square stage:


We’re glad AP and The New York Times adhere so rigorously to their corrections protocols. Because in this era of dilapidated digital journalism, it just don’t get any more reassuring than that.