Carney Commits Fashion Crime

In lieu of a traditional briefing today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney opted for an off-camera press gaggle.  But transcripts from the gaggle leave us craving video more now than ever.

Q : “Thank you.  Just — I want to start out and register a complaint on behalf of some of my TV colleagues that the gaggle is off camera today, this being our only opportunity to hear from you or anyone in the administration, particularly on the situation in Libya.”

MR. CARNEY: “Well, I have to say it’s because my shirt — I didn’t have any white or blue shirts — and this one wouldn’t work on TV, so I decided to gaggle.  All my other shirts are in the laundry.”

So what kind of fugly shirt was Carney rocking?  We’d like to believe it looked something like the flashy Aztec or “Flashtec”  number to the left.