Fans Clamor for Non-Existent ‘Censorship Towel’

Creativity for creativity’s sake. That’s the motto of the Carmichael Collective, a recreational outlet for the good folks at Minneapolis branding firm Carmichael Lynch.

Recently, the Collective hit media paydirt with its clever concept of a “Censorship Towel.” Male and female shots jokingly put forth the idea of a bath towel patterned after the trademark blur-pattern used by media outlets to obscure naughty body parts.

California media coverage of the faux item included posts on and Nationally, picked up on it. Which got FishbowlLA to wondering – what kind of feedback has Carmichael been separately receiving from the showering masses?

“We have been getting a lot of requests from the public who want to purchase the towel,” confirms Maria Hileman, marketing and communications manager for Carmichael Lynch. “It is still undecided whether or not we are going to produce and sell our Censorship Towel idea.”

Hilarious. We say license this great concept and watch the Instagram shares quickly pile up. At press time, images of the Censorship Towel had received 218,600 views on Carmichael Lynch’s Flickr page and been pinned/re-pinned more than 1,700 times on Pinterest.

Other recent Carmichael Collective brainstorms include Urban Plant Tags and a lesson in Piñata Anatomy.