Carlos Lozada to Become WaPo Outlook Editor

Carlos Lozada will become Outlook Editor for WaPo, replacing John Pomfret when he takes his seat on National’s diplomatic team.

See the WaPo memo obtained by FBDC that announces Lozada’s new gig after the jump.

We are pleased to announce that Carlos Lozada will become Outlook Editor, replacing John Pomfret when he takes his seat on National’s esteemed diplomatic team.

After two separate stints as the deputy in Outlook, Carlos is ideally qualified to ascend to the top job. His creativity, intellect, congeniality and catholic tastes give us confidence that Carlos will not only maintain but build Outlook’s reputation as a must-read weekly opinion section.

Carlos takes over in an era when opinion journalism is the coin of the realm and when the competition in both print and online is exceptionally vigorous. Fortunately, Carlos has no shortage of ideas or energy to take on the task. Through reported essays, new features, lively interviews and provocative graphics, Carlos intends to surprise, enrage and inspire — and to ensure that Outlook spends more time sparking Washington conversation rather than following it.

Carlos joined The Post four years ago and has quickly made his way through a host of important jobs. His first stop was the economics editor chair on the business desk, a job that put him in charge of covering everything from the financial meltdown after Hurricane Katrina to the final days of the Greenspan era. He moved to Outlook as deputy editor in 2006 working with Susan Glasser to help re-imagine the section and then a year later headed to the National desk, overseeing national security and foreign policy. After seeing us through the surge in Iraq, two rounds of Petraeus hearings, the final days of the Bush White House and the transition to the Obama administration, Carlos was ready to head back to Outlook.

Before joining The Post, Carlos was a fellow in economics and business journalism at Columbia University and managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine, which he helped lead to a National Magazine Award in 2003.

Carlos plans to scavenge the room regularly for both ideas and authors, and we encourage participation from everyone.

Marcus Liz