Carlos Dangerously-Named Journos

Anthony Weiner admitted yesterday to using the online alias Carlos Danger to carry on a strange Internet affair with a 22-year-old woman. If you’re anything like us, that got you wondering how Weiner came up with such a great alias. Already having graced the news media by having the last name Weiner, he’s provided another amazing name to fill headlines and Twitter jokes.

But lets face it, sometimes we all need an alias, whether it’s to ghost-write a book or set up a Swedish bank account to hold mounds of embezzled money. And if you haven’t found your inner-Carlos Danger yet, don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. Yesterday afternoon, Chris Kirk of Slate posted a Carlos Danger Name Generator that figures it out for you. We of course had to figure out the alter-egos of the FBDC staff, as well as a few journos around D.C. Enjoy.

Silvestre Sly: Betsy Rothstein, FBDC

José Jeopardy: Peter Ogburn, FBDC

Pascual Death: Justin McLachlin, FBDC

Lorenzo Distress: Austin Price, FBDC

Now see the rest…

Felipe Jeopardy: Barbara Walters, ABC

Emilio Stealth: George Stephanopoulos, ABC

Diego Trouble: Nate Silver, ESPN

Silvestre Badass: Jake Tapper, CNN

Javier Sly: Keith Olbermann, ESPN

Maximiliano Death: Tucker Carlson, Daily Caller

Víctor Verboten: Sam Stein, HuffPost

Silvestre Peril: Christina Wilkie, HuffPost

José Enrique Catastrophe: Patrick Gavin, Politico

Victorino Jeopardy: Chuck Todd, NBC

Santiago Clandestine: Igor Bobic, TPM

Inigo Threat: John Stanton, BuzzFeed

Marcelino Risk: Olivier Knox, Yahoo!

Víctor  Catastrophe: Jake Sherman, Politico

Armando Violence: Ezra Klein, WaPo

Jorge Evil: Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times

Feliciano Hazard: Cokie Roberts, NPR

Inigo Threat: John Solomon, TWT

Víctor Verboten: Jim VandeHei, Politico

Ariel Trouble: Manu Raju, Politico

Javier Violence: Ron Fournier, NJ

Feliciano Verboten: Major Garrett, CBS

Marcelo Trouble: Greta Van Susteren, FNC

José Smash: Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Armando Stealth: Matt Labash, The Weekly Standard

Fabricio Sly: Gene Weingarten, WaPo

Enrique Kill: Willie Geist, NBC

Dario Gamble: Elise Foley, HuffPost

Salvador Risk: Dave Weigel, Slate

Emilio Adventure: Mark Leibovich, NYT

Well, there you have it. Now get out there and find your own alias. Because after all, there’s a little Carlos Danger inside all of us.