Carl Icahn: Yahoo Management Drives Me Nuts


If you’ve been following the on-again, off-again Microhoo saga, allow us to steer you to Silicon Alley Insider, which has some seriously good coverage of the whole shebang—particularly where billionaire investor Carl Icahn is concerned. Here’s a greatest hits compilation just from the last several days:

Icahn Ramps Up Pressure, Vows To Get Jerry Yang Fired

Was Yahoo’s Terry Semel The Worst Internet CEO Ever?

Carl Icahn: I Talk To Yahoo Management, And They Drive Me Nuts

Icahn Calls Yahoo “Deceitful,” Demands Yang Rescind $2.4B Severance Bonus Plan

Yahoo To Microsoft: Please, Buy Us

Yahoo’s mobile efforts are as strong as any major portal’s, including Google’s—but all this back-and-forth nuttiness undermines the venerable Internet company’s foothold in the industry. Can’t say it isn’t entertaining, though.