Occupy.com Contributor Interferes with New Hampshire Special Election

Carl Gibson mocks up a phony press release targeting candidate he previously volunteered for.

YvonneDeanBailey_PicWhat a dumbfounding and potentially very costly move.

On May 14, a press release was emailed to reporters in New Hampshire covering the Rockingham District 32 Special Election set to be voted on Tuesday. The release stated that 19-year-old Yvonne M. Dean-Bailey (pictured), the Republican candidate running opposite Democrat Maureen R. Mann, was withdrawing from the State Representative race to concentrate on her school studies.

But as has now been revealed, the email was a hoax, mocked up by freelance journalist and activist Carl Gibson. The blogger has told the Concord Monitor that he sent out the bogus communique after “one too many beers:”

Gibson said in a phone interview that a month ago, he volunteered for Mann’s campaign, operating her Twitter account “for probably a week or so” until she changed the password on him. He said he “tried to lead her left” and “she didn’t like the things I was doing.”

“We left on kind of bad terms. I haven’t talked to her in about a month and a half or so,” he said… Gibson said he didn’t know his name would be included in the electronic data of the Microsoft Word document he attached to his email.

From the minute she heard about the email, Mann said she welcomed an investigation by the attorney general, calling it “absolutely reprehensible for somebody to interfere with an election.”

As Patch’s Tony Schinella details, the fake release was pounced upon by both sides before the truth came out. Gibson’s most recent contribution to occupy.com posted Friday.

A Manchester attorney, Ed Mosca, filed a complaint Friday over the bogus press release. Meanwhile, Ryan Williams, a spokesperson for the New Hampshire GOP, indicated to the Monitor his group plans to file a separate complaint Monday.
[Photo via: deanbailey4nh.com]