Carl Franzen Is Now the Man at Inman

EIC is excited to help Brad Inman continue to push the real estate coverage envelope

In this week’s introductory note, Carl Franzen reveals that he is one of a number of University of Missouri alumni on the staff of Inman, a website that covers real estate. The incoming editor in chief also tips his hat at the impressive digital tenure of his new home:

Inman has been covering the bleeding edge of the real estate industry since its launch over 20 years ago as Inman News, one of the first web-native publications in the world. In fact, a big part of what’s made Inman so consistently great for all this time is that Brad Inman has been ahead of the curve in realizing and acting on the transformative power of new technologies.

That’s a rare quality, and I say that as someone who’s worked primarily in tech journalism — most recently as managing editor of Vice’s Motherboard, and previously as an editor and writer at Popular Science and The Verge.

Franzen also gives a proper shout-out to his real estate broker, who helped the husband and recent new father, with his wife, shift from rentals to apartment ownership in Brooklyn. By proper, we mean that the broker is not actually named. They know who they are, and that would probably not be the best first brush with Inman conflict-of-interest guidelines.