CareerCast Announces List of Top 10 Jobs in 2014

happy signIn a new list from CareerCast, the job-search website has revealed top occupations in high demand.

To that point, we must say nothing media-related appeared in the top 10 list. Sadly, we must point out journalists are among the occupations sitting at the bottom of the list.

Mathematics took the number one spot and it’s no surprise that math-related jobs followed suit. Statisticians and actuaries also made the list as did computer systems analysts.

According to the site, mathematicians earn approximately $101,360 per year. In addition, the field is booming and anticipates a growth rate of 23 percent through 2022. 

Apparently the list was compiled by evaluating 200 different jobs based on criteria such as environment; income at low, middle and high career positions; the outlook for salaries as well as employment growth; and of course, stress possibilities (deadlines, anyone?).Without further delay, here’s a list of the best jobs and midlevel income:

1. Mathematician — $101,360
2. Tenured University Professor — $68,970
3. Statistician — $75,560
4. Actuary — $93,680
5. Audiologist — $69,720
6. Dental Hygienist — $70,210
7. Software Engineer — $93,350
8. Computer Systems Analyst — $79,680
9. Occupational Therapist — $75,400
10. Speech Pathologist — $69,870