CareerBuilder Releases Hot Occupations For 2015

visionThe new year is literally right around the corner and as such, CareerBuilder partnered with Economic Modeling Specialists International in order to compile a list of sizzling jobs for 2015.

It’s based on supply and demand and features various companies and the jobs they post on a monthly basis compared with the actual people they can physically hire.

Per the press release, Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, explained:

“For nearly 70 occupations in the U.S., the rate at which workers are being hired isn’t keeping up with the frequency and volume of open positions being advertised. By drawing attention to talent deficits, our list underscores opportunities in everything from technology and health care to sales and transportation for job seekers looking to make a change.”

Over 700 occupations were pulled between January 2013 and August 2014. They were compared to the number of job postings for each occupation on an aggregate basis from online job sites for the same period.

The top five jobs with the biggest gaps requiring a college degree include marketing executive, software developer (applications), registered nurse, industrial engineer and network and computer system administrator. For instance, the marketing executive role has 34,613 average monthly openings but only 11,617 monthly hires.

Similarly, jobs that don’t require a college degree with the biggest hiring gaps include truck driver/heavy and tractor-trailer, merchandise displayer and window trimmer, orderly, sales representative and purchasing manager.

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