Career Tip: Accentuate the Positive

Are you up on your “wins” — the successes at your various jobs that could demonstrate your value to future employers? If not, consider that knowing the extent of the positive impact you’ve had in your workplaces may be key to a successful job search.

U.S. News and World Report’s Tim Tyrell-Smith dispenses some tips about how to follow through. “People in critical support positions—including administrative assistants and customer service—often struggle the most to create strong accomplishment statements. But everyone contributes to the company’s success,” he writes. “And everyone can and should take credit.”

What can you do? Use LinkedIn to keep your network up to date on your successes. File away correspondence that notes your accomplishments. Spread the word of your doings via blog, Twitter and Facebook. And turn your resume into a “strategic visioning document.” “Usually after a job search, the resume file gets buried in a cabinet or folder. But what if you kept your resume on your desktop at home? Not because you’re looking for a new job, but because you’re looking forward, with an eye on your next position (a promotion to the next level). This way your resume becomes a career-planning tool, rather than a static, one-time use document.”

These tactics have the added bonus of boosting your confidence. So if you’re not already win-tracking, why not get started?

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