Cards Against Humanity Sells Out of ’12 Days of Holiday Bullsh*t for $12′

Cards Against Humanity, a raunchy card game that has become a hugely popular party pastime since its release in 2011, is no stranger to creative promotions; last year, the brand released a pay-what-you-want expansion that generated $70,000 for parent company Wikimedia.

This year, the brand came up with a holiday promo that boasts a certain level of crass honesty rarely seen in the world of Mall Santas and Black Friday sales — rather than waving shiny things in the faces of consumers and trying to convince them why such things are necessary for a joyful holiday, CAH just came right out and called their promo what it is: Twelve Days of Holiday Bullshit.

The deal was quite simple: send the company twelve bucks, and they’ll send you twelve mystery items over the course of twelve days. Who would sign up for such a thing, you ask? In less than a single day, all 100,000 signup spots were sold. Not only is that hugely impressive, but the fact that such a feat was achieved with virtually no advertising and no explanation or guarantee of what the customers were paying for, speaks volumes about CAH’s brand-loyal fanbase.

Cards Against Humanity co-founder Max Temkin explained the thinking behind the promo to Wired: “We’re a very small, independent company, so it’s hard for us to compete for attention during the holidays, when all the huge companies spend millions of dollars doing all kinds of crazy advertising. So, we always like to come up with something kind of clever and kind of weird and kind of dumb, just to remind people that we exist around the holidays.”

Well, we think it’s safe to say their plan succeeded. We know you exist, we think you’re pretty awesome, and we look forward to finding out what those twelve bullshit gifts turn out to be.