A Man of the Church Offers Some Pro-Journalism Tips

CardinalDolanPicWhen in the “Rome” of pitching a story to 21st century media folks, Catholic Church reps could do far worse than follow the advice of New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan.

Per a Catholic News Service report by Cindy Wooden, the Cardinal very frankly and thoughtfully shared some of the lessons he has learned about how to best deal with the media. The remarks were made during an April 28 keynote address to the School of Church Communications at Rome’s Pontifical University of the Holy Cross:

“The days of old, fat, balding bishops being the best spokespeople is long gone, if they were ever really here at all,” he said…

Being professional and transparent will not win over everyone all the time, he said. Church communicators are trying to bring a message to a world that “doesn’t always seem interested in what we have to say, misunderstands it or is downright hostile to it.”

We urge you to read the rest of Wooden’s article. At one point, Dolan paints a hilarious what-if picture of a spin doctor advising Pope Francis on how to best present himself. The good Cardinal also makes no apologies for a personal media M.O. that always includes at least one mention of Jesus.

[Photo courtesy: archny.org]