CarBot Will Reawaken Your Inner Road Demon

If you’ve ever wanted to reenact Beyond the Thunderdome on your desk, here’s your chance.

Deskpets has just unveiled their latest toy. It’s a smartphone controlled RC car which comes equipped with IR sensors, some type of electronic gun you can shoot at other CarBots, and a transmitter which plugs into an iPhone’s audio jack.

This cool little gadget will set you back $30, but you’ll also need to have an Android or iOS device handy. Each CarBot is controlled via an app, and the system is designed to let up to 4 players either race, play a deathmatch or even cooperate.

If racing isn’t your thing, you might want to check out DeskPets’ other gadgets. They also have a TankBot which is about the same size and also controlled by a smartphone app. It would probably wipe the floor with a CarBot, making it an absolute must-buy for your next deathmatch.