Car Gadget Helps Phone Owners Remember, Track Their Devices and Cats

For those who are forgetful like myself, losing phones and felines is practically a pastime. That’s why we’re always looking at products like Bringrr – an app and GPS-based locator that comes with a helpful car accessory.

Just stick the Bringrr tags on non-smart devices like cats and you can use the app to locate those items using your cell phones. The car accessory plugs into your cigarette lighter. When you start your engine, it locates your devices and any other things with the Bringrr tag installed. If you’re missing items, it will notify you with warning beeps.

Outside of the car, BringTags help you find your misplaced items. You can use the Bringrr App to track down your tagged item by distance, within a 50-150ft range. The App will guide you toward the item’s location. If you still can’t find your item, just activate the BringTag’s built-in speaker to find it by sound.

Bringrr works on iOS, Android, and Google Glass. You can find the device on Kickstarter.