Caption This: FNC’s Ed Henry on Convention Floor

FNC Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry shows off his snazzy cherry red pocket square on the Convention Floor in Charlotte. Here we see him taking a breather from the madness, chatting away on his cell. But who’s he talking to and what’s he talking about? Help us figure it out by sending in your captions to or to

1. “Do you see how fantastic my pocket square looks?”

2. “I’m down on the convention floor, so call me maybe”

 3. “I’ll take two large pizzas. Yes, two. With extra cheese.”
4. “Fox News is the bomb, mom, really.”
5. “Bret, I can’t hang out with you now, bro. Can’t you see I’m busy?”
6. “Listen Ali [Velshi], it was a one time thing and we can never do that again. Bret Baier is my new bromance and this is the last time we’re going to discuss this.”
7. “Yeah, it’s hard to beat perfection. The red in my pocket square perfectly matches the polka dots in my Brooks Brothers tie.”
8. “Listen Roger, you can’t tell me what to wear like you do my blonde colleagues. This is getting so tiresome. I’m not a piece of meat.”