Captain America: Civil War Comes to Marvel Mobile Games

Ahead of the U.S. release of Captain America: Civil War in theaters May 6, many Marvel mobile games have received updates inspired by the film.

Ahead of the U.S. release of Captain America: Civil War in theaters May 6, many Marvel mobile games have received updates inspired by the film (or will receive them soon). Here’s a look at some of these updates.
Marvel Future Fight (Free on iOS, Android): This role-playing game from Netmarble Games has been updated with a Civil War event, allowing players to “opt in to a Superhuman Registration Act.” During this event, players will earn points for their team, and the team with more points will receive prizes. The game has also been updated with new character uniforms for Captain America, Winter Soldier, Falcon and Hawkeye. Finally, the Crossbones character has been added to the game.
Marvel Avengers Alliance 2
Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone): This turn-based battle game from Marvel and Disney Interactive has been updated with a new in-game event called Spec Ops 2: Civil War. The event allows players to choose sides, with each side having unique rewards. When players complete the full Spec Op, they’ll receive a new character based on their team. Specifically, players who choose Team Iron Man will receive the Winter Soldier, while players who choose Team Captain America will receive Falcon. The event also gives players a free new character, depending on their platform. On iOS, players will receive a free Civil War version of Iron Man, while Android players will receive a Civil War version of Captain America. Finally, players can win the Agent 13 character by participating in a new player-vs.-player tournament during this event. Disney said additional Captain America: Civil War inspired characters and costumes will be added in the future.
Marvel Puzzle Quest (Free on iOS, Android): Beginning May 5, players of this match-three puzzle battle game from D3 Go will be able to participate in the Civil War in-game event. The event will allow players to choose a side with their Alliance (Team Cap or Team Iron Man) and battle through missions related to their choice. Depending on their selection, the event will allow players to battle a special boss version of Captain America or Iron Man. The event will also give players a chance to earn two five-star Epic characters: Steve Rogers (First Avenger) and Iron Man (Mark XLVI).
Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions (Free on iOS, Android): In this fighting game from Kabam, players can now choose a side in the battle between Captain America and Iron Man, and collect two kinds of shards, based on their selection. Players can spend their shards on three tiers of Faction Crystals. The event includes two storylines, with one for each team. For Team Cap, players will help Captain America and his team escape the Battlerealm, while the Team Iron Man story allows players to help Iron Man’s team win the ISO-Sphere. In addition, this event includes new Solo Events, which give players a chance to win Milestone Rewards and Rank Rewards.
Marvel Avengers Academy
Marvel Avengers Academy (Free on iOS, Android):  Starting on May 3, this city-building game from TinyCo will allow players to choose a team and complete different quests based on the team they’ve chosen. A new portion of the event’s story line will be released each week during the event. In addition, new characters will be added to the game: Winter Soldier and Black Panther.