Capitol Hill’s Revolving Door

Internal memos, obtained by FishbowlDC…

From Roll Call’s Charlie Mitchell:

    I am pleased to announce that Associate Editor Erin Billings is shifting her focus to take over editing responsibilities for the online reporting team.

    Jen Bendery and Tim Taylor will now report to Erin, who will be a key voice in the development of our overall plans for covering the Congressional leadership.

    Erin will be leaving the Senate reporting team as she concentrates on
    providing day-to-day (often minute-to-minute) leadership to our online news efforts. We all hate losing Erin the Reporter, but Erin the Editor is going to be a great leader and a critical player in Roll Call’s continued success.

    In addition, Lauren Whittington and Paul Singer will also assume the
    Associate Editor title. Lauren has rejoined Team Politics on a full-time basis and has been splitting responsibilities between editing and writing.

    Her new title reflects the player/coach role that she has been playing and will continue to perform.

    Likewise, Paul has assumed many responsibilities as our chief investigative reporter, and his new title reflects his evolving position as a leader of our overall investigative strategy. Paul has been and will be a key adviser and strategist for investigative pieces developed throughout the staff, and his new title formalizes this role.

    I hope everyone will join me in congratulating Erin, Lauren and Paul for jobs well done — and for taking up new challenges that will help define the future of our great publication.

From The Hill’s Hugo Gurdon:

    I’m very pleased to be able to tell you that we have hired Silla
    , formerly the lead congressional reporter at US News & World Report, to be our Business & Lobbying reporter covering taxes, corporate governance and Wall Street political intelligence. He will start in the newsroom on Monday, Oct. 20.

    This hire is the first in a new phase of expansion that will add
    extra depth to our news coverage, and further entrench The Hill’s big lead over rivals in covering the nexus of business and politics.

    More great hires are in the pipeline, and I will let you know about
    them soon.

    Thanks, Hugo