Capital New York is Great Says Capital New York

A lot of people are subscribing. Just don't ask how many "a lot" is

Capital New York’s subscription plan — a whopping $6,000 per year for access to all of its content — is now one year old. According to Andrew Sollinger, Capital’s executive director of new business development and strategy, things are going great. How great? Well, we’re not sure.

In an interview with Digiday, Sollinger is as vague as possible about subscriptions. He said things like, “We’re breaking through and selling a lot of subscriptions to major operations.” Also “our content is habit-forming” and there is “plenty of interest across the board.”

We’ll, we’re convinced! Others, however are not.

“It’s well-executed, but it didn’t seem worth the price,” a “publishing exec” told Digiday. “I just felt like I could get the information elsewhere. If they took the price down to $200, I would probably pay for it.” Probably.