Capital Business Will Employ About A Dozen, Editor Says

Earlier this week The Washington Post announced plans to start a new weekly business publication, Capital Business. Editor Dan Beyers gives Talking Biz News some details about the focus and purpose of the paper, and also talks about staffing, so potential job-seekers might want to listen up. The staff won’t be huge, though—about a dozen, Beyers says. He holds back a bit on specifics.

Where do you hope to hire reporters and editors from, and what type of experience are you looking for?

I’m looking for a range of experience. I’m a big believer that it takes all kinds of produce a great newspaper. We all have something to teach one other.

Because Capital Business is housed within the Post—it will be available only to the paper’s subscribers—there will be crossover as reporters for the two publications at times write for each other’s outlets, Beyers says.