WaPo’s Capehart Gets Called N-Word Daily

This morning WaPo Columnist and MSNBC Contributor Jonathan Capehart responded to and exposed a man who called him the n-word on Twitter. But it’s hardly the first time and won’t be the last. The journalist, who is black, receives these kinds of insults daily. The slur was likely in response to a column he wrote late Tuesday on Veep Joe Biden‘s “They’re going to put ya’all back in chains” remark at a Virginia rally that included hundreds of black people. “Yeah, that was wince-worthy,” Capehart wrote, before laying out all the reasons why people ought to be more concerned racially with Mitt Romney‘s campaign than that of President Obama.

Some followers wondered why Capehart felt the need to give a person any attention whatsoever. “Gotta expose hate no matter how many followers it has,” Capehart replied to them. He added, “Hate shrivels in the daylight.”

Capehart says he receives slurs like this often. “I get at least one of those a day,” he told FishbowlDC. “Last week was a particularly nasty week. So much so that I started collecting them. People ask why do I retweet such filth. I do it because hate cannot be ignored — no matter how many followers they don’t have.”

Number of followers of the man who called him the n-word: two, one of whom is “TheRosaceaCure.” Jones, if that’s his real name, appears to have a fixation on MSNBC — he follows just eight people, five of whom are on MSNBC. He does not follow Capehart.

See more examples of racial hate hurled at Capehart…From Last Friday:

@PercPoppin444…Friday, Aug. 10…
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3:11 PM – 10 Aug 12 via Twitter for iPad