Capcom’s Monster Hunter Going Mobile on GREE

Capcom is bringing its popular Monster Hunter series to GREE’s mobile platform as a social game. According to Andriasang, the game will be titled Monhan Tankenki: Maboroshi no Shima (Monster Hunter Exploration Journal: Phantom Island).

The move seems to be a natural one for Capcom. In its third quarter earnings call, the company reported that teaming with GREE to create social games based on its existing IP had proved successful, with the company’s Resident Evil social game garnering more than a million users after premiering on the GREE Network. Capcom has also been expanding the footprint of its juggernaut series, announcing that the game would be available on Nintendo’s 3DS system in September.

While Monster Hunter games have a minor cult following in North America, its popularity in Japan serves as a sales-booster for each platform on which the series launches. For years Sony’s Playstation Portable system enjoyed a competitive advantage over Nintendo’s handheld consoles because portable Monster Hunter games were only available on the PSP. The most recent Monster hunter game for PSP sold more than 4.7 million units in the first six months of its release. The series rose to popularity thanks to its early adoption of mobile social features. As far back as 2008, the games supported ad-hoc play based on location, which proved to be a boon in population-dense Japan.

In Monster Hunter Exploration Journal: Phantom Island, players will explore a magical island, capturing monsters, training them and competing with other players to have the strongest monster on the island. It will be free-to-play and supported in in-game item purchases. GREE is already taking pre-registration signups for the game on its website.

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