“Can’t Wait!” for iPhone: Discover & Share Movie Trailers for Upcoming Movies. Nice With a Few Quirks

Are you the kind of movie fan who can’t wait to see trailers for new movies and share movie information with friends? If so, this may be the app for you. And, it is free:

Can’t Wait!

“Can’t Wait!” (not to be confused with the app named “Can’t Wait” without an exclamation point in its name) lets you seek out movie trailers by recency (Just Added), popularity (Popular) and Release Date. You can associate the app with Twitter or Facebook to let you share information with other people. The app can also remind you when movies you’ve tagged as “Can’t Wait” are about to hit the theaters. And, you can buy tickets for the movies right from the app.

There are a couple of app quirks you might want to be aware of.

– There are only two ways to categorize the trailer for an upcoming movie: “Can’t Wait” or “Gonna Pass.” There’s no in between.
– The user interface does not allow you to simply avoid picking one of the two categories. There is no cancel or “I need to think about it” option.
– After selecting “Can’t Wait” or “Gonna Pass,” your account name (Twitter or Facebook) and profile photo are listed when other people view the trailer information.

The app does its core function, letting you discover trailers for upcoming movies, well. However, I think the quirks need to be looked at and rethought.

Via TechCrunch: YC-Backed Can’t Wait Is A Mobile Social Network For Movie Trailers