Can't… Stop… Mega Arcading….

I recently stumbled upon a fantastic Facebook application that is essentially a full-featured arcade that doesn’t take quarters! Of course, on Facebook, the dirty equivalent to a quarter is usually the requirement to spam friends with ads for the application, which is not required of the user here!

Mega Arcade - Pacman!

There are tons of games on the application (1,500) and they’re as easy to use and access as any other flash game online. They’ve got the classics like pac-man and some great super-mario games, and you don’t need to do anything remotely spammy to play!

I suppose the benefit of having your flash-arcade-of-choice on Facebook is the ability to see what games your friends are playing, to invite them to play the same game as you, and to compare scores after.

Think of it as an on Facebook with the added benefit of social interaction. People can also rate and comment games, making it easy for the most playable games to rise to the top, while a base of 1,500 games is enough to keep anybody busy for quite some time.

I definitely recommend this application if you’re bored. Let me know if you find a diamond-in-the-rough game I missed!

– Jonathan Kleiman runs a Canadian Professional Network called Probook and a law blog called