Can’t Find Interesting People To Follow? Try

Twitter is as much about listening as it is about tweeting, so if you aren’t following interesting people you’re missing out on half the fun. If you’re stuck trying to find new folks to follow, try, a thriving directory of Twitter lists and users.

Listorious allows you to follow individual users or full Twitter lists, and has a searchable database organized by category so you can find accounts in your niche.

Some of the more popular categories in Listorious include social media, writers, entertainment, celebrities, business and news.

All you have to do to start finding interesting accounts to follow is click on a category on Listorious’s homepage, or type in your own keywords into their search box.

Let’s say you’re interested in people and lists who tweet about social media. Click on that category, and you’re be taken to the page for any account, topic, or list tagged with “socialmedia”. Each keyword page will appear slightly different, depending on how many items are tagged with that keyword. The social media page is quite active, so you’ll notice not only a list of social media people on the left-hand column, but also other things which are trending in social media: links, people, terms, and finally, lists.

From here, you can click on the people, terms or lists to start following them on Twitter. Listorious will ask to connect to your Twitter account the first time you choose to follow a new account or list, but after that it’s just one click to follow a new, interesting account.

I suggest following a few interesting users, but focusing more on the lists. There are some fantastic Twitter lists out there, curated by knowledgeable individuals like Mashable’s Pete Cashmore and tech evangelist Robert Scoble. These lists are a great way to not only follow one or two people in a niche, but an entire conversation or group of influencers.

Adding lists that you find on Listorious to your preferred Twitter dashboard is a great way to always be in the loop when it comes to the conversations within your topic of interest on Twitter. Plus, it also gives you some great retweet fodder!

Have you found any cool accounts or lists to follow using Listorious? Let us know in the comments!

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