Can't Decide on Your Fantasy-Football Lineup? Bloomberg, Present Decision Maker

Bloomberg and want to help fantasy-football players field the best possible starting lineups, so the two parties teamed up on Web-based interactive application Decision Maker, which uses Bloomberg’s advanced analytic tools to enable comparisons between any two NFL players and determinations on which one will produce the best results.

Decision Maker is available free-of-charge to fantasy-football players, or for $7.95 for the entire season for those who field their virtual teams elsewhere. Its systems ranks players using complex analysis and formulas, which take into account elements such as recent performances and weather forecasts for game sites.

Bloomberg Sports head Bill Squadron said:

We are very excited to be able to use our analytic tools to work with the NFL in the creation of Decision Maker, a product any fantasy player will find enjoyable, effective, and very visually compelling. We have been able to draw on the successful model Bloomberg has built in the financial community and apply it to sports data, the result of which is a unique must-have for any fantasy-football player.

NFL vice president of media strategy and development Hans Schroeder added:

Our goal in relaunching the Fantasy game was to provide our fans the best possible fantasy-football experience. We are excited to be working with Bloomberg Sports to offer our Fantasy players the Decision Maker product for free as part of our Fantasy game, with the goal of further enhancing their fantasy-football experience on